Monday, February 7, 2011

First Day

Wow! First day and what a day it was. I met a group of beautiful young people, eager to learn and making their way in the world. I am certainly going to be learning a lot from these guys and look forward to sharing lots of exciting times with them.
Our new rooms worked well and are a real credit to the school community. I must especially thank Mr Jacobsen for giving up so much time to have them 'up and running' and ready for today.
Thanks to all those who took the time to ask how my day was going, there is a great 'vibe' amongst the staff at Pt England. I can only hope that everyone had as good a 'first' day 2011 as I did.
We started planning and constructing our first posts for our individual blogs today. There will be some interesting, quality 'tales' (tall and true) coming to these soon, judging from our first drafts.
Our netbooks 'land' on Wednesday, so still plenty going on this week - and in the weeks ahead!


  1. My first day to Pt England school was so cool i meet lots of friend and meet Mr Harris in room 19

  2. WOW! Mr Harris I never knew that your first day was that exciting, I hope that the rest of the year is even better

    from Tamati

  3. Hi Mr harris

    I hoped your first day was awsome and we didnt disapoint you. I hope you have a great year

    your sinserly

  4. hey hope uve had a great time at our skool and i hope the rest of the year goz good for u

  5. Wtat a fantastic week we had with Mr Harris. Thank you very mach Mr Harris

  6. Hi Mr Harris

    I've always liked the first day of school sounds like you too had a good first day at school

    from Samson

  7. Hello Mr Harris

    I was so excited on the first day of school I heard you had a cool day to.

    From Tyler

  8. hi mr harris i was so excited on the first day of school i heard you had a cool day to

  9. hi mr harris how was your first day of school .

  10. yay school is amazing how are you mr harris hope your enjoying school

  11. Hey Mr Harris

    Thank-you for your comments on how you think of us. You are a really great teacher and I'm looking forward to be working with you for the rest of the year. :)

  12. I am so pleased to hear you have had a good time at Pt England School Mr Harris.We are certainly enjoying having you here with us. I can tell by their comments that you have some pretty special kids in Room 19 too.

    Mrs Burt

  13. Hey Mr Harris,

    I've heard a lot of cool things about you I really wish you could teach in our class.

    See you around school.

  14. yeah i know what it fells like at the first day of school

  15. hey school is going well but the rain ruined our day


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