Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good bye books, hello NETBOOKS!

Finally it's arrived. Pt England School now has this great opportunity to use these brand new devices. Instead of using books we now use NET BOOKS! The amazing thing about this is we get to keep them and take them home. And it gets even better.

If your year eight and you go to Tamaki College next year you keep the same netbook until you are year 10 and the next three years we get better netbooks, but for the year seven's you keep them until we're year nine.

Everyday there's something new to experience in our netbooks. The only side affect about them is that the network goes off and on.

So far this year we have had a tremendous time with our netbooks, we can't wait to take our net books home. We would like to say a big thank you to our principal, Mr Burt, and to everyone who made this possible.

Written by: Jarna and Racheal


  1. Hollo room19 I like your photo with your netbook
    and how you said goodbye books and hollo netbooks
    I think that is really cool.

  2. Hi room19 I like your photo it is very cool to have a netbook by room19.

  3. Hey room 19,
    That was a interesting story about your guys netbooks. I cant wait to keep mine. Well keep up your great writing.

  4. Hey room 19! My name is Sarah Nell York. I go to University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL! I think it is so awesome that you guys got netbooks! I am so excited that you got them. Keep up the good blogging!!!

  5. Hello room 19 jay'lee here just popped in to see what you and your amazing class is up too. It is amazing that we finaly recieved our netbook it also is a lot easier because all our work is up in the clouds

    Thank You For Posting A COMMENT ON MY BLOG

  6. Hey Room 19,
    We are a year 7 & 8 class in Palmerston North and we have Netbooks too. We started with them last year. If we go to Freyberg College we can carry on using netbooks there too. We would love to keep in contact with you and check out your blog and learning. Please feel free to check out our blog. or email us @ Look forward to hearing from you.

  7. Dear Room 19,
    My name is Rebecca Warnberg and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am also taking a class where we use computers instead of books to do our work. I think it's great that you all are learning about technology. I wish I could have used a netbook when I was your age! Have fun with your netbooks and remember to take good care of them!

  8. Hi Room 19 and Mr Harris,
    I loved you picture of you guys and your netbooks, I know that it is fun having a netbook, I also like to say thank you to you guys for letting us use your class. Keep it up Room 19 I'm
    looking forward to haer more from you.

    From Sela Rm13

  9. Hey Jarna,

    That was a very interesting story about your netbooks.I'm a year five and I think we might take our netbooks home next term or maybe soon,I really like my netbook because we get to research all of cool stuff and other things.

    Your brother Wyatt

  10. Hi room 19 that story was very interesting.I Have a netbook to we do lots of things.Its very cool to have one but we cant take it home.


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